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Mopar Extends Coverage to Your Vehicles

Warranty coverage provides necessary protections for new, used, and leased vehicles. Mishaps do happen even with the best cars. Imagine discovering the water pump on a brand-new model has a defect. Why pay for costly repairs for something that isn't your fault? Warranties do come with limitations, though. Chrysler owners and leasers can look to Mopar Vehicle Protection plans to cover certain expenses.

The most generous plan covering new and pre-owned vehicles is dubbed "Maximum Care." The plan lists 5,000 components covered. A smaller plan called "Added Care Plus" 


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Is There an Augmentation to the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan in Case of Further Damage Than Can Be Repaired Through the Roadside Assistance Package?

Occasionally potholes and other road hazards will cause more damage than can be repaired by fixing a tire or wheel. Traveling all the way home with an irritating squeak where there was none before raises safety concerns. Though the Roadside Assistance Package does not cover more damage than what is done to the tire and wheel, there is more help with the overall plan.

If your car is immobilized due to a raid hazard, the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan covers the first $35 of rental cost for the first day even if the problem occurs in your home town of…
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Learn to Read Tire Sizes!

Learn About Your Vehicle

Learn to tell the size of the tire on their vehicle by reading what is written on the walls of the tires. Greenwood Auto is here today to help in finding that information quickly. Knowing details about your vehicle like this will come in handy down the road.

Tire Sizes

Example: P220/60R15

The size begins with a P for “Passenger.” The number 220 is the distance between sidewalls of the tire in millimeters. The slash mark comes before the aspect ratio of the tire (60 in the example). R stands for “Radial,” followed by the…
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A bad alignment often indicates bigger problems

Any time you experience your car pulling to one side of the road or another, you are seeing a warning sign. This is a way for your car to tell you that you must get it in for a checkup as soon as possible. Procrastinating or justifying driving a car that is displaying clear signs of failing steering components is not wise. Eventually, like all other parts of a vehicle that are subject to wear from extreme use, steering components will fail. It is far better to replace the parts involved in steering than to wait for them to reach…
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Reliable Vehicle Safety Depends On New Tires

Vehicle safety often depends on your new tire buy. Cars need strong tires for many reasons, such as providing your vehicle with the ability to avoid an accident. A reliable tire could also give you the opportunity to navigate difficult road conditions. That being said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that our team at Greenwood Auto views your safety as paramount. Our parts department understands that too, which is seen in our supply of various tire types.

Our experts look at safety first when helping you select a new set of tires. We find the right size for…

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