Appearance Packages Let You Drive a Unique Dodge Durango

At Greenwood Auto Incorporated, we want you to discover how to drive a Dodge Durango that looks different from other examples of this popular model. When you select this midsize SUV from our inventory in Cortland, go beyond choosing your favorite color. Seek a Durango with an available appearance package.

For example, you could pick a Durango in eye-catching Octane Red Pearl-Coat. If that unit also has Dodge's Blacktop Appearance Package, you will acquire a rare Durango that features black trim across its exterior. This package also gives you 20-inch wheels in high-gloss black, LED daytime-running headlamps, dual rear-exhaust, gloss-black exterior mirrors and gloss-black nameplates.

You can also find gloss-black nameplates in the Brass Monkey Appearance Package. When you choose this setup, Dodge adds bronze, 20-inch wheels to your Durango. These pair quite nicely with the R/T trim's available F8 Green Clear-Coat paint shade. Of course, we encourage you to consider any color option that pleases you.


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