Mopar Extends Coverage to Your Vehicles

Warranty coverage provides necessary protections for new, used, and leased vehicles. Mishaps do happen even with the best cars. Imagine discovering the water pump on a brand-new model has a defect. Why pay for costly repairs for something that isn't your fault? Warranties do come with limitations, though. Chrysler owners and leasers can look to Mopar Vehicle Protection plans to cover certain expenses.

The most generous plan covering new and pre-owned vehicles is dubbed "Maximum Care." The plan lists 5,000 components covered. A smaller plan called "Added Care Plus" covers 800 components. For those interested in GAP protection, Mopar offers this as well.

Leased vehicles may suffer damage over the term. Wear and Tear protection could reduce the dealership's fees when the vehicle goes back. Mopar also offers other coverage options for leases.

Routine and unexpected repairs are unavoidable when owning a car in Cortland. Please come to the service department at Greenwood Auto Incorporated to inquire about assistance.



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