The Jeep Grand Cherokee Cabin

Despite its aggressive looks and off-road heritage, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is filled with elegant design features. The popular SUV is beautifully designed to appeal to any style-conscious driver in Cortland, OH.

One of the most unique trim options for this SUV combines the modern flair of industrial design with natural materials. Anodized metal accents are used throughout the cabin. It can be found on the center console, covering storage compartment doors, and more. To complement the unique material, real wood inlays are used as well. The open-pore wood is used heavily around the door trim and on the front dash. It's treated for longevity but still contains a unique wood grain that you can feel.

Another great interior feature available at Greenwood Auto is ambient lighting. Small LED lights are discreetly installed in each door handle. They're also used in the front footwells. The lights produce a soft glow. Not only does the ambient lighting help you see, but it creates a soothing ambiance at night.



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