Is There an Augmentation to the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan in Case of Further Damage Than Can Be Repaired Through the Roadside Assistance Package?

Occasionally potholes and other road hazards will cause more damage than can be repaired by fixing a tire or wheel. Traveling all the way home with an irritating squeak where there was none before raises safety concerns. Though the Roadside Assistance Package does not cover more damage than what is done to the tire and wheel, there is more help with the overall plan.

If your car is immobilized due to a raid hazard, the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan covers the first $35 of rental cost for the first day even if the problem occurs in your home town of Cortland.

Report the issue to Greenwood Auto and let them take the problem off your slate. If the damage demands an extra few days to repair, then you get another $35/day of rental coverage.



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