Enjoy the Feature Rich Dodge Durango

People choose the Dodge Durango at Greenwood Auto for different reasons. Among the reasons that people choose the Durango is that they want something that is going to have a lot of features. Therefore, they might be happy with the Anodized Platinum Feature Package of the vehicle because of the wide range of features.

One thing that you are going to notice about the Anodized Feature package is that it is sophisticated with the polished appearance of the vehicle. The wheels and the grille are different from the other editions. You also get exterior badging of the vehicle which make it stand out from the other Durango packages.

Even the inside of the vehicle has some platinum finishes which give it a premium feel. The interior features also offer captain’s chairs which make for a more comfortable ride. If you want a feature rich vehicle then the platinum edition of the Durango is the vehicle you should check out.



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