Chrysler 300 Interior Features

The Chrysler 300 is a vehicle that looks like it is one of the most expensive vehicles on the market. It is actually very affordable but brings a lot of great features to the table that are all part of the standard inclusions. The interior alone is something that impresses a lot of our clients. You get to choose from about 12 different interior colors and materials. This allows you to really customize your vehicle and get the look you want. You'll love the small details like wood grain trim on the center console. The driver information digital display cluster is informative, but it also provides you with a modern look that really completes the whole look of the interior.

Smarter steering keeps you safe on the road thanks to a number of great controls that are situated on your steering wheel. This is where you can control your cruise control and audio sound system. Stop by Greenwood Auto to find out more!



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