Ride Safely in a Journey

At Greenwood Auto, we know that every driver wants to keep everyone safe on the roads around Cortland. We're proud to offer the Dodge Journey, a reliable and spacious vehicle.

It's a bonus that the Journey has three rows of passenger seating. All three of those rows are protected by airbags. The frame was bolstered with dual-phase steel, and crumple zones were strategically placed to absorb some of the energy generated during impacts.

Besides these components, there are electronic systems that can aid the driver. The brakes are anti-lock and can be regulated to optimize stopping distances, the rearview camera can reduce the likelihood of backing into an object, and Brake Assist will make sure that power is delivered to the brakes during a sudden stop. The Dodge Journey also has Electronic Stability Control and Electronic Roll Mitigation to maintain control while driving in all types of conditions.



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