A Couple of the Dodge Durango's Performance Features

If you haven't seen the new Dodge Durango yet, here is your chance to ride this popular three-row SUV and see for yourself.

The reason so many drivers today are falling in love with the Dodge Durango is because it can handle just about any driving surface. Regardless if you are on the highway, the beach, or off-road, the Dodge Durango all-wheel drive system is up to the task. Now you can take your Durango anywhere your imagination wants.

Best in class towing package of the Dodge Durango can handle up to 8,700 pounds. It doesn't matter if you are hauling a heavy load or towing a boat to the marina, your Dodge Durango will be able to move with ease. Impressive braking system will have you safely stopping regardless the load behind your vehicle.

Visit Greenwood Auto today and test drive the Dodge Durango to see for yourself how this truck handles on the road.  
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