Learn to Read Tire Sizes!

Learn About Your Vehicle

Learn to tell the size of the tire on their vehicle by reading what is written on the walls of the tires. Greenwood Auto is here today to help in finding that information quickly. Knowing details about your vehicle like this will come in handy down the road.

Tire Sizes

Example: P220/60R15

The size begins with a P for “Passenger.” The number 220 is the distance between sidewalls of the tire in millimeters. The slash mark comes before the aspect ratio of the tire (60 in the example). R stands for “Radial,” followed by the wheel diameter in inches.

Valuable Information

Knowing tires size will help when purchasing a new vehicle, and the information will come in handy when ordering new tires in the future. Find your next set of tires on a car at our shop in Cortland!
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