Why winter wiper blades outdo regular windshield wiper blades

As days pass by, the weather is subject to seasonal changes that affect the atmospheric conditions of your environments. Some of the changes tend to be adverse while others tend to be moderate. One of the adverse weather changes that take place during winter is snowfall, whose effect you feel as a driver. Your ordinary wiper blades tend to be less functional during winter, unlike the other seasons, summer, spring and autumn. While clearing your windscreen, it tends to leave behind windshield streaks which reduces your forward visibility. What solution is there for your wiper blades during winter?

Winter wiper blades are diverse and versatile in use, meaning that they are functional all year round, more so during winter ice-fall due to the following features;

Rubber coating
Unlike ordinary wiper blades, winter wiper blades are coated with rubber which minimizes ice clog on them.

Firmly built frame
Snow’s weight doesn’t cause bending of the blades which affects their functionality.

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